Friday, January 14, 2005

boys with guitars.

tomorrow night will be spend in the middle of nowhere.

for reasons that i don't quite understand, niels frevert, former head of nationalgalerie will be performing in waldshut-tiengen. at a place called "kornhauskeller".
that's as much "in the middle of nowhere" as you can get.

but i'm not complaining, no.

niels frevert has supplied the soundtrack to my life for the past decade.

the first song i ever heard must have been "evelin", the only video nationalgalerie ever had that got mtv play-age. it was a rather tired little song, definitely not their best.
i remember that they played a concert at a shabby little club near my hometown in early 1994. i remember thorsten wearing a homemade t-shirt with nationalgalerie's tell-tale goat that summer. i remember listening to their "indiana" album nonstop on an old walkman, singing along to "himmelhochjauchzendzutodebetrübt". i remember being sentimental to "ruhe vor dem sturm" just a few weeks later. i danced to die waffe" with thorsten on a defining night of my life. in 1995, i saw them play for free at the ringfest in cologne, on a day that i got to meet smudo and smuggled myself into the then-still-exclusive popkomm. oh, what fun was had that day.
i bought their meskalin album. i missed out on a concert in my hometown. i later bought niels's solo album, putting "du löscht das feuer mit benzin" and "polyacryl" on pretty much any mix-cd i made in the second half of the 1990's. in 2000, i went to a concert by "echt" where they played "wohin" which made me cry happily (i was never happy that summer) knowing that i was quite likely the only person in the crowd who knew where that song came from. when niels latest album came out last year, i bought it immediately, and it was like meeting a long lost friend.
what it is exactly, i've been at a loss to say.

maybe it's just his brilliant breathtaking way with words. a man who makes up things like "und eine ewigkeit schient so lange/wie eine einwegfeuerzeugstichflamme" and sings "wann kommst du vorbie/und lehnst dich an mich/du hast mein herz so unaufgeräumt" turns me on. terribly.
even a tiny little bit more than that pretty guy with the dark messy hair and the nerdy glassed to whom i sold "the return of the naked chef", bill bryson's "a history of almost everything", yann martell's "life of pi" and with whom i talked about "middlesex" and douglas coupland. god, he was hot. i don't know what he did in hometown, and in my mom's bookshop, but good grace, was he hot.
missed that chance. bad me.
but where was i? yes, niels frevert.

it could also be that thing i have with boys with guitars and messy hair. or that unhealthy clinging to the past that i tend to practice.

but whatever it is, i love niels frevert's music.
and tomorrow night, i'll finally get to see him play live again, after ten years of missing out on concerts which usually happened in faraway north-town.

will it be as grande as seeing something for kate? i don't know.
it will definitely be intimate. how many people can fit into that venue? will anyone but me know niels frevert? i tried to find a savy companion through the weblist, but no one seems to live as far south as i do.
but who cares.

dirk and i and his eos500 will trek to waldshut tiengen, and fun will be had by all.
hell, yeah.