Saturday, February 05, 2005

seriously wowed.

what's better than a good friend?
nothing, i'd say.

today, i'm all nervous artistic energy.

i woke up, looked at the clear blue skies spanning the city, and made plans to trek out to dirk's (30min), sneak his camera away (10min),trek back into the city (30min) to use this day to the max and take some photos with his eos.
i'm in such photo-taking mode right now, it's unbelievable. i wrote a lenghty email to a pal last night, writing about art, and as i was doing that, i was itching, itching, itching from the desire to take photos.
blame flickr .

i looked at my contacts photos for the first time in a few days yesterday, and admiring their art, i felt paralysed by being unabel to express myself that way right now. you know, i'm cameraless, after all.

unfortunately however, dirk is working on his application for graphics design/arts school at the moment, and hence on a photo-trip himself today. so the eos was out of reach.
who would have guessed he was taking photos on a day like today?

so instead i cleaned the flat, i tidied up, i wrote.
but it didn't really help. i was itching with artistic energy. then i went of to the internet cafe, typing some more, making the mistake to look at flickr again, answering some emails...and whining to my dear friend dieter, who owns the internet cafe/laundromat.

whining about the need to take photos. about my nervous energy. about feeling paralysed, artistically. about needing a camera, but not being able to afford the kind i want. about needing a creative outlet. about wanting to bite into the computer table because of not having an outlet.

and then he says "so should i borrow you mine?"

ha! that's what friends are for, right? dieter wowed me with this. seriuiosly.
i've got a camera till monday morning 9am, and fucking hell, will i use this baby to the max.

excuse me, i'm off to be artistic.
results here, monday.

i'm the happiest woman in freiburg today, no doubts about that.