Tuesday, January 11, 2005

mental pictures.

when i took the train back home on saturday afternoon, i had to leave my mother's minolta dimage xt behind.

rather sad, yes, especially considering that she doesn't use it nearly often enough.
it's no that great a camera, but decent enough and oh-so-portable.
alas, i don't have it around anymore, nor any other camera for that matter. all cameras i ever owned broke in last years' "the impermanence of things 101" lesson. that one during which my cd player, computer and bike died as well.

i feel a little lost without a camera.

starting on the train ride down, i've had way too many "i want to capture this" moments since being camera less.

the light being reflected on the solar panels at the train station. the sky this morning, being all pink and wonderful over the hills. the cathedral and its gargoyles, glowing under a bright sky. i had a brilliant idea for a social photo thing yesterday, which i'd love to start asap. grrr.

i know i can borrow dirk's eos500 when i need it.
in fact, i have already put a roll of film i took when visiting alex in basel in december into development and will pick them up tomorrow. but still.
i miss the instant fix of digital photography, the instant fix of quickly uploading those images to flickr. the photoblogging of the minute.

for now, i'm stuck taking mental pictures of all those things that catch my eye. which can be good, too. i should not loose that eye for the mundane. bizarrely enough, i keep hearing the minolta's fake shutter sound (cccrck - bling!) when doing so.
so weird how flickr has replaced the blogging i used to do every day, how what i want to preserve right now are moments amd what they spark in me, not thoughts. mental images.

too bad i can't upload those mental images to flickr.