Wednesday, April 20, 2005


talking with alex about hellfire and popes, on the eve of a day on which a german radical has been chosen as the new pope.

"hellfire will be fun.
seriously, i deserve hellfire (if i hadn't already) for the swearing i've been up to these past few hours, since finding out who's been elected. ratzinger. he was my worst papal nightmare.
and hey, hell will be fun. all the cool people will be there!"

"it's true, you have been a very naughty girl lately."

"oh thanks, love. just what i needed.
you know, if the new pope didn't already hate me for that pre-marital sex and those birth control pills, i'm sure he'd really hate me for that adultery and marriage ruining i've been up to.
ratzinger. love, i can't tell you how terrible his rep is in this country.
noticed his bavarian accent yet?"

"actually I did!"

"oh, it will be so much fun to watch urbi at orbi from now on. babe, there will be people dressed as bavarians at the vatican. at all times. spreading the news that germans wear lederhosen. i'm scared."