Saturday, March 19, 2005

a weekend full of weekendy things.

the week passed super quickly, and now it's saturday already. today being saturday means tomorrow will be sunday, and i'll get on a train in the morning and trip to hamburg and will stay there for about 24 hours, doubtlessly having an exquisitly good time.
what a dilo photo opportunity this will be! :)

oh. yes.

time is on our side.
for once.

i'm amazed already how much one starts treasuring little things in this situation i never wanted to be in in the first place, this situation i really don't care much about at all, truth be told. the latter surprises me to no end.

in any way, it will be good. oh yes. this week sucked. i'm tired (but almost healthy again, yeah!). the parents are annoying me. there's work. there's everything. i need to get away from it all. and i will do just that this weekend.

off to enjoy myself.