Sunday, March 06, 2005

thursday, march 3rd, 2005, 11am.

walking through the brandenburg gate, the battery of my camera is already running a little low, there are masses of tourists posing for pictures and i am shutting them all out with the music in my ears. snow is falling, gently, even though the sun is out a tiny tiny little bit as well, and i look down the strasse des 17.juni, siegessäule almost invisible in soft greyness and jim kerr sings into my ear "oh come this way/will you look down this way/i go down on the street/where the wild wind's blowing/here comes a hurricane and that hurricane has happened, and is happening, still, and my chin is scratched and my gluteus maximus sore and other body parts are too, and good lord, i am happy and missing him already, in the nicest, bestest way possible. ever.