Monday, March 07, 2005

material girl.

material things i could but would not want to live without.
[a random list.]

high quality shoes [ideally: pointy]. touche ├ęclat by yves saint laurent. (the first website i ever paid money for). a mobile phone made by siemens. gmail. vegemite. lush products. digital photography. diet coke (poison, i know.). high quality red wine. cheap and trashy red wine. red wine in general. astroglide. mac lipsticks. unlimited access and ownership of books. mobile music. membership to a gym with spinning and bodypump. a computer. wolford.

[and i realised this is it, really. i thought about it for a few more hours, and i realised that all the rest is highly irrelevant. i could live in an almost empty flat as long as i got to keep the books and the computer and the other tech stuff and the music and my vegemite and my wolford stockings.]