Monday, March 07, 2005

life map.

getting to know someone new, leaving someone you used to be with, is like travelling to a new country, is like leaving another.
you change and you let others change your life map, your geographical orientation. or at least that's what i do.

you take different paths then before, you catch different planes and trains and go to different pubs where different music is playing and you create memories at these places and sometimes they become yours, too.

i'm happy and excited about the new additions to my life map, whatever they will be, whereever they will be, but underneath the happiness and excitement is a tinytinytinytiny little bit of sadness about loosing the spaces and places i've recently lost, because they were never really mine anyway.

it's good to know that i already know the music that'll be in all those new place on my life map.

and it's good to know i've got such a great companion by my side.