Thursday, March 17, 2005

it's not ok.

news like these make me even more worried for damien echols than i already am anyway.

i saw a report on jimmy ray slaughter and that "brain fingerprint" method a few months ago. while i can't attest to its overall validity, the report i saw made sense. mr.slaughter seemed hopeful.
when i read about his execution, early yesterday morning, i felt like throwing up.
strapped down to a guerney, he told his three daughters "it's OK, it's OK, i love you."

it's not ok, when a state kills a citizen. it's not ok when this citizen is killed for a crime he did not commit. it's just not ok.
nothing is ok when it comes to the us and the death penalty.

i'm not sure what my view is on life after death. but i hope mr.slaughter is in a good spot now. i'm sure it's better place than within the us prison system.

i think and worry about damien, jessie and jason, every single day.