Tuesday, March 08, 2005


i took my pussy to her bi-annual check up at the ob/gyn this afternoon.
it's something i don't dread, but something i actually enjoy. because my ob/gyn rocks. he's adorable. he's seriously the best doc i've ever seen, funny, communicative and smart and have i mentioned funny?
i can very much live out my wannabe-medical-professional-hypochondriac side, and he'll play along and feed me as much info as i want, as detailed as i want. and he's funny, have i mentioned that?

the pussy check-up was done and over with quickly and we chatted along nicely and afterwards, i put on my undies and pants and took off my top and bra and got out of from behind the curtain and positioned myself in front of my doc, arms raised and hands at my head, ready for the breast exam, all the while chatting, as he starts doing the exam.

and then he notices the -ahem- love bites bruises on the inside of my upper right arm.

"what happened to you there?", he asks me, as he keeps checking my boobs for lumps.

for one second, two seconds, three seconds, i try to make up a good reason in my head, something along the lines of "i bump into things at all time yadayadayada", until he interrupts my line of thought.

"ecstasy?" he asks.

"YES!", i laugh out, and he laughs, too, and then we're both laughing and the exam is done and we're still laughing and he writes stuff on my file as we both laugh and i tell him about that new lover i got myself and that he should have seen my chin a few days ago, and he tells me he's glad i'm happy and we laugh and say "see you in 6 months", and good lord, doesn't my ob/gyn rock?

i'm out of his office and still laughing and calling j, who laughs, too, and then i drive back to the store, with the music way too loud singing along to something for kate and wilco in an awful cockney type accent and all the while laughing.

ecstasy. bloody hell, yes. ecstasy!