Monday, March 14, 2005


i spent a good chunck of my sunday arvo chatting with stu. we hadn't done this in way too long, which means months, 6 months, at least, and my emailing had been rather unreliable these months as well, and catching up was much needed and enjoyable and cool and fun.

i suck so much at staying in touch.
that's one thing i really want to change about myself this year.

i realised, thinking about what has been going on these past months, that stu was the only person i ever really openly talked to about that relationship i used to be in, and i did so months and months and months ago (it might have been a year, actually). i think he potentially understood recent things i've done much better than anyone else. he is the only person who had the backstory. he had to listen to all the shit months ago, and he kept telling me i should do what i think was best, what felt best, and i didn't listen.

i wish we lived closer, and so does he, because hanging out and watching movies and doing things friends do would rock, and rock muchly, because with stu, you know, you've got someone who listens well and carefully and asks the right questions and who will definitely be able to tell you the end of that movie you fell asleep to the previous night.

thanks, stu.

we've come a long way. :)

next time in the uk, a visit is due. yes.
i'll do a big old tour of the uk then. the brother in london. stu in liverpool. and the cool folks of odiham, hampshire. i'll bring beer!

internet, how much do i love thee?