Tuesday, March 08, 2005

caro's addiction.

i wish i had a camera on hand to take a photo of the books i got myself today.
of the stack, the tower, the giant tower of books i got myself today.

it's a smart contemporary collection, that one. roar.
3/4 of helmut krausser complete works (another 1/8th will arrive tomorrow), a wonderfully funny green book with j.'s name in it, one half of m.houellebecq's complete works (the one half i don't own yet), some thomas kapielski and one book by moritz von uslar.

how good i don't have to pay for them.
i can not support my habit. how am i supposed to one day pay for all the books i want need?

i should find myself a sugardaddy.
oh, wait. done. kinda.

fucking hell, i'm in a brilliant mood today.