Sunday, March 06, 2005

bright eyes.

bright eyes.

snotty. brilliant. musically perfect. energetic. first class.

everything about the concert was perfect.
the location wasn't too big, the crowd was relaxed, my company superb. rilo kiley were openers you had to fall in love with immediately. the sound was breathtakingly awesome. clear but not clinically clean. and just...wonderful.
conor oberst spat out the words as he did on the album (nothing quite like how he says "pes-ti-cides") and sang well and was cool. not as withdrawn as in the lua video. not as withdrawn as you'd expect, anyway, from a wunderkind like him. he and the band made erection jokes no one in the audience got, and asked for pot and made easy jokes about george bush and everything was just wonderful.
the final song "i'm wide awake it's morning" was an auditory orgasm. dense, full, intense, allencompassing. i melted away.

j. and i stood in the back of the place, drinking beers and swaying our hips and making out and having a good time. it was wonderful. i've never felt as good in someone's company at a conert as i did wednesday night.
you know, i get squeaky at concerts. i get excited. i scream and shout (and mr.oberst did actually pick up my screaming that we loved the miserable failure for the cowboy boots). i start to dance. i spill my beer. i take too many photos.

j. said he loved every minute of it, every minute of my erratic behaviour. and was quite the same, anyway.
as usual.
the differences are so few, we should lock them up in a keepsake box.
he explained all the mixing tech to me, and that was wonderful. tech talk turns me on, seriously, and he talked the mixing guy into letting me take a photo of the setlist, too, by complimenting him to no end, which was glorious, because that guy hadn't reacted at all to me and the blonde hair and the tight t-shirt when *i* had asked him about it.

it was the first concert we shared.
doubtlessly the first of many to come.

[and geez. i am already dreading how needy and cheap all my raving about berlin will sound. somehow, happiness just doesn't sell that well on blogs. not on mine, anyway. and it always comes across as fake. but this, this is anything but.]