Monday, February 21, 2005


i took a little walk this morning, across cathedral square, across my favourite bridge, through the little park, through the tree-lined roads of herdern, to the strange concrete building that houses the city's health department to have my blood drawn and checked for hi-virus antibodies.

i had nada surf in my ears, and there was something very special about the light and the snow. it was a little cloudy this morning, and the sun was still behind schlossberg, but somehow everything had a translucent quality to it. not translucent as in blurred: translucent as in sharpened, cleared, straightened, made visible.
the barren, snow covered trees on schlossberg. all the usually hidden paths visible. all the strange little buildings up there, including that little temple dirk had once called his "living room". the shapes of the trees, of every single branch visible, enhanced.
the pretty buildings of herdern with their little towers and strange roofs and gardens and trees and nice interiors and wrough iron gates.
it was like looking at an ├╝ber-sharp 8mp digital photograph.

everything looked polished, despite the grey sky, as if a thin veil of greyness had been lifted.