Tuesday, February 01, 2005

sick & tired.

in other news, i'm sick. again.

not as sick as 3 months ago, when a high fever kept me in bed for 4 days, but sick. getting sicker by the hour.

of yourse the first thing my mother said when she realised that i was sick was "it's because you're not eating right, daughter! it's that being vegan, kid!"
it's not, mother.
yes, i was not good with taking my multivatmin and my b12, but i'm eating better than ever, and was only sick twice since going vegan more than a year ago. but i'd guess it was that freezing for an hour after snowboarding. brr. anyway.

it started sunday night, when i thought the headache came from being in touch with wool (which i'm allergic too, a very useful allergy for a vegan). this morning, i woke up feeling like shit, but thought "hey, i'll go to the gym and will feel better afterwards.". got dressed, went downstairs to the tram, and then suddenly realised that i was feeling much much worse than 15 minutes earlier and that an our of step and a 30 minute ab class really wouldn't make me feel better.

so as the tram came into the station, i went back to bed.

i only ventured out of the house once today, and with dirk's help, too, to buy food and splurge on the new bright eyes cds. wow. breathtakingly awesome, those. totally couldn't afford them, but i told myself that february is a short month anyway, and that i'll just eat less.
this music is worth it.

so i'll spend the evening in bed, watching "nip/tuck" and "six feet under", listening to bright eyes, and sleeping.

and hopefully getting healthy again, soon.
brr. i hate this.