Monday, February 14, 2005


it's snowing heavily as i leave the house at 2:20am, the empty streets covered with a centimter of snow.

walking across the little square in front of my house, i see that the uc people are closing shop, and in front of art cafe 3 of their folks are huddling under an umbrella. the idiots at the fraternity house across the street are loudly celebrating the end of term, their shouting and singing and glass-throwing toned down by the snow.

i am the only person on the street. i am leaving the first track marks in the snow.
i walk past uni. i cross rotteckring, no one else in sight. i walk through milchstrasse and pass the cohibar, where people are still drinking as i start the new day. sedanstrasse is empty, and just because i can, i walk in the middle of the road. in the snow. previously untouched.

life, that very moment, it's perfect.