Saturday, February 12, 2005

it's getting better all the time. better. better. better.

[the gomez version, people, i'm singing the gomez version.]

seriously, nothing can get me down right now. nothing.
not the lack of sleep. not the lack of appetite. not the fact i have shitloads of work to do. not the fact that i'm as broke as ever. not the shitty weather and the rain.

seriously, good things attract good things.

i spend two hours at uni this morning, at the goodbye lecture of my law history professor titled "the hate for lawyers", and it was just what i had hoped it would be:
inspiringly intellectual musings about lawyers and their being hated over the past milleniums. i absolutely loved it, loved it, loved it. professsor l. was always at his most brilliant when he could do as he pleased in front of a friendly crowd. he always rocked in advanced roman law with 20 roman law freaks. he always sucked in advanced civil law with 200 brainless 2nd years.
you only need one law history credit. i got myself three. two of them with professor l. at the end of term, if you'd turned out to be one of those freaks who came to class even in january, you'd get one of his books as a pressie.

so today he rocked, and was brilliant and funny and was thrilled by the applause and the feedback and the crowd, and it was all very sweet and lovely.
a perfect unviersity life ritual, that final lecture.

afterwards, till and i went to the reception at his institute, got some champagne, enjoyed the view over the city, and it got even better, because felix, my long lost former best friend felix, who works at professor l.'s institute and whom i've been missing for years years years years but just have not dared to get back in touch with worrying that he'd never ever want to talk to me ever again, came up to me and we talked and it was cool and now contact is re-established, and we'll have coffee next week and i might just be on the road to getting him back into my life, the funniest, most reliable, bestest, most diligent guy friend i ever had, and by god, how much would that rock?

[wow. that's one sentence!]

i'm keeping my fingers crossed about felix. wowie.

now it's on to my usual saturday routine of grocery shopping (haven't done that in a week. i swear. no exaggeration. who needs food? i don't.) followed by exorcising some demons in the gym for three hours. and then on to a partay at hendrik's place, which will be cool because i haven't seen him since his return to freiburg, haven't seen him since he lost 30something kg, haven't seen him with a girlfriend, ever (not in the 16 years that we know each other), and i'm sure there'll be good wine and interesting conversation, and i hope to end up comfortably drunk at the end of the night. i have little doubt it will work.

man. it's getting better all the time.

i'm not even projecting, not even not-living-in-the-moment, not talking about next week (alex! basel!), or the week after that, or the week after that.
i swear, once we get to those weeks, this blogthing will totally degenerate under the influence of happiness. like: totally.

personally, however, i'm very much looking forward to that degeneration.
i've given up that trying to be cool thing long ago, anyway. he.