Monday, February 21, 2005

elegantly wasted.

with alex' return to that country ruled by that miserable failure just 24 hours away from the time he and chris would be in freiburg, we had decided days in advance that the only way to spend the 6 or 7 hours we would have in each other's company would be getting absolutely out-of-our-minds-shattered.

and that's what we did.
and it was wonderful.

i don't know what's wrong with me and my booze consumption these past weeks, but it has skyrocketed, and i'm not even feeling bad about it.
days as weird as these need some alcoholic lubrication.

i picked alex and chris up at the train station where alex smashed his head on some random sign the second he saw me. he bled. and he'll have a scar on his forehead now.
i asked him whether i should sign it, and in return, he got out that package of astroglide , waved it around and threw it at me, and hilarity resulted.
i bought a kuschel-zeitung (which i wouldn't get a chance of reading, really, which didn't matter because i just needed to see one name in print, really) and after a brief stop at my place to access and quickly empty two bottles of tannenzäpfle , we headed to totally uncool oscar's for breakfast.
it's a sucky place, yes yes, but their breakfast *is* good, and instead of coffees we had beers and that worked well with that rather non-vegan mozzarella omelette breakfast that i had.
i needed a base for the booze, that's my excuse. i hadn't eaten in 20 hours.

we talked about alex's girlfriend, chris's happiness and my rollercoaster ride and about the prospects of all of it. the boys thought i was crazy and lucky and i got the impression that they were a bit shocked because while they'd seen me giddy and hyped before ("I TOUCHED ERIK ZABEL'S HAND!") they'd never seen me as giddy as i currently am.

alex needed some reassurance that i'd step off that rollercoaster if real life chemistry was missing and so i gave him that reassurance, even though, truth be told, with chemistry being 80% mental in the first place, i truly have no worries about that at all.

it was wonderful. okay food. decent beer. excellent conversation, laughter, company.
anything else you need?

once we were done with brekkie (chris cheated, and had turkey schnitzel. how's that for breakfast?) we moved the 200m across kajo to wiener where a window table happened to be vacant that very moment, and the serious drinking started with a mixture i hadn't previously heard off: jägermeister and red bull.
you know, i like neither. seriously.
mixed however, consumed in one gulp with a straw, it is quite an intoxicating effective little mix only americans who have fallen prey to all that jägermeister marketing of the 1990's could come up with.

our laughter got louder, the little waitress chick totally didn't get what we were up to, the stories got wilder ("ever been caught with a pound and a half of pot and a concealed weapon in georgia?"), the talk got raunchier ("of course i thought about screwing you!"), more beer was ordered and more jägermeister and red bull, too, and time passed and the tab got bigger and someone near us was smoking pot and chris and i kept going to the loo together making blowjob jokes and i kept whining to alex that he had to stay in europe and he kept replying that i should shut up because he'd otherwise cry and we seemed to be the only people having fun in the place that sunday afternoon, and from a certain point on i kept laughing loudly and putting my head down on the table because life was perfect and i was happy and in wonderful company and ever so perfectly drunk.
and then it was suddenly past 5pm, and time to pay and head to the station and we staggered out of the bar and into the direction of my flat and chris decided to buy whoppers for him and alex at burger king in memory of that night we ate there at 3am after dancing at el.pi, and alex and i picked up his bag at my flat and the beers i owed him, too, and we extended the rules of our friendship for just about a minute and a half and then headed downstairs to meet chris and headed to the train station and i bought a strange little publication for €1 because it's got more than the name, it's got a picture, too, and we had the beers and waited for the train and i was ever so slightly moving from perfectly drunk to out of my mind drunk and then the ice train arrived and we said goodbye and hugged and kissed and promised each other another try if things won't work out and i clanked the beer bottle at the ice train window in a last "cheers" and staggered home and into andrea's flat and collapsed and laughed and told her what happened and we read horoscopes and got pizzas and i finally found the way to my flat after lying around andreas floor for a while and came down from the booze and the caffeine and the fun while listening to nada surf.

good stuff, this being perfectly drunk.
good stuff this being elegantly wasted.