Sunday, February 13, 2005

the drugs don' t work.

the other day, searching for aspirine, more aspirine, i went through the drugs box i keep in my bathroom cabinet.
i hadn't done that in a while, or at least not properly, i realised, being unable to locate additional aspirine stocks and realising that quite a few contents of the drug box had very recently passed their best before use by date. oops.
the next day, i dropped this off at the next door pharmacy for destroyage:

paracetamol. [a whole box of.]
vanilla coated paracetamol in a green and yellow "handy pack". [australian made and proud of it, too. 1/2 box.]
more paracetamol. [another whole box of.]
panadeine. [smuggled into the country without a prescription. 4 doses left.]
codral day & night tablets. [smuggled into the country before pseudoephedrines went prescription free round here. only 2 doses left, which i had had been saving intentionally for a special worthy moment.]
pentoxyphillin. [3 doses left.]
amitryptilin. [about 125mg total left.]
estrogen. [about half a blister left.]

yes, even i found that collection a little disturbing.
it's very obviously the drug collection of an emotionally unstable estrogen-deprived non drug-control-law-abiding being with circulation issues and a massive painkiller habit.

sounds like me, actually. *cough*