Wednesday, January 19, 2005

serious life enhancement.

i've got the old lad back.
now it's an old lad in babyskin. like a wolf in sheepskin. the same old, yet spanking new, too!

besides my outlook email (the last from didi, the few from chris, many from evan, the whole story with j., the first from dirk), my address book, a few hundred fonts, my works calender, my winamp playlists and explorer bookmarks, everything is still there.

and in order, too.

this includes that smut i worried about so much. yes, it's there.
can we all exhale now?

*deep exhale*

i'm sad about the missing email. that loss could have easily been prevented, and some of the best love and sex emails i have ever gotten are now lost forever. guess i simply need to find a way to get newer and better ones. he.

right now, i just need a few more things to make the old lad feel like mine again. some more programmes and patches and drivers. and -i'm such a girl- some really nice wallpaper and some pictures to put into the screensaver. flickr and my faves should do the trick.

the lad so much faster now! he's like a celeron on a crack binge! he reacts in split seconds! video runs smoothly! he can actually -gasp!- multitask! there is so much more space now! there are all these shiny programmes i love! firefox! google desktop search! photoshop cs! picasa!
it's all so very sweet. - even though i am still painfully aware that he still hasn't tranformed into a mac and never will be a mac.

i even - and boy, is this hard to confess- kinda like what xp does to my files. it does all seem cleaner. well *seem* at least.
besides "my files", the rest of the machine is a total mess. - whatever michael did in that partly fruitless, partly successful attempt at preserving my data has made this new harddrive too messy for my liking. once i've done all the neccesary updates and am friendly with the machine again, we will both go on a cleanup ride.

the first thing i will do, however, first thing tomorrow, actually, even before downloading the patches and programmes and drivers, is buying a giant stack of cd-rs. backup, backup, backup. this will be the mantra from now on.
the blog needs backup. even that whiny whiny whiny open diary shit from half a decade ago needs to be backup-ed. and the mp3's need burnage, too. oh, it will all be so sweet from now on.

yes, life will be a sweeter from now on.

considering how unimportant, how non-essential to life this stuff really is, it is embarrassing how much better these recent updates in the electronics department have made me feel.

having the computer back. having music in my life again.
last friday, i bought myself that belated christmas present from my parents: a micro stereo by philips that's got everything i need. a cd/mp3 and tape deck. very lovely.
it seems as if i discover new tricks it can do every day. so far it hasn't really been used to it's full capacity though. right now, it's getting to know the lad and his mp3s. mainly though, it has either played twaii or son, ambulance.
the first song it ever played, however, was thomas quasthoff singing "my funny valentine". just to set the mood.

some serious life quality enhancement, this. and all very self-indulgent, indeed.