Monday, January 17, 2005

please don't ask what seeing niels frevert was like.

because there was no seeing niels frevert.

yes, i was in waldshut. yes, i was at the wonderful underground cellar that the kornhauskeller is. yes, niels frevert performed there that night, too. on a micro stage surrounded by old leather sofas, too.

too bad that that happened long past midnight. too bad that the last train i had to take left waldshut at quater to eleven. too bad that the first train that would have been able to take me home sunday morning wasn't until twenty to seven the next morning. too bad that it was well below zero saturday night, so that camping out between the closing of the club (which would have been 2am) and that first train out of the middle of nowhere was not really an option.

so dirk and i trekked out to waldshut to walk around the empty and beautiful city drinking beer, to sit in that beauitiful cellar drinking more beer, to take lots and lots of photos on the trainride home, and to see twaii. twaii were cool. i didn't even get to see niels.

so please, don't ask how my saturday night was. please don't ask what the niels frevert concert was like.

it was all beyond absurd, that traintripping for four hours, that beer-drinking in the cold, that being in a beautiful location and that having to leave before the fun started.ยด

i'm in mourning.