Friday, January 07, 2005


everytime i did full on new year's resolutions, i failed. pretty much completely. the ones i did in early 2003 are proof of that..
hence this pledge.

2005 shall include more iceskating, more yoga, more studying, more exam passing, more stopping to have grudges, more caring, more home-cooked meals, more lounging in spa water, more conversations with dear friends, more timely replies to emails, more work on friendships, more love, more kissing, more sex, more thoughts, more climbing mountains, more seizing the moment when in the company of interesting people, more tour de france, more craftiness, more painting, more diy, , more chanting, more singing, more photographing, more reading, more relaxing, more looking at the world in amazement, more blogging, more not wanting to be perfect, more standing up for my beliefs, more snowboarding, more hiking, more sunsetwatching, more sunrisewatching, more donating, more giving, more accepting, more being there when needed, more having boundaries.

i want more from life than what i've had these past months.