Tuesday, January 25, 2005

guess the country.

a large majority of shops, including a cake shop i really really really really wanted to shop at (if it's non-vegan, it has to be outstanding!), were closed all day, and many shops had signs saying that they wouldn't open until next month. the museum with that medieval altar we wanted to see was closed, as were all other museums: they tiny natural history one, and the one for the guy who designed the statute of liberty.
lunch consisted of café au lait and tarte aux pommes for me and cidre and tarte flambée for lauren, which an outstandingly beautiful male served. next to me, a guy smoked cigarillos and read "le monde" throughout my entire meal.

yes, today was spend in france.

it was fun, actually, despite the closed shops and the closed museum. lauren and i had headed out to colmar for the musée d'unterlinden(yes, the website says that it's claused lundi. i know!) and cakes from patisserie jean on 6 rue d'ecole, and we stayed for the pretty waiters and extensive monoprix shopping (vegan orange cookies!). and the nice houses and all, of course.
it's been snowing like crazy since sunday night, and it's lovely: europe showing itself off, full on.

it's been a good day. shopped successfully: france simply has nicer supermarkets, and nicer (and cheaper) interior design shops. oh, i really should be writing about my love for nice supermarkets one day.
the city is currently preparing for the 60th anniversary of it's liberation on february 2nd 1945, and little stars and stripes are intwined with the tricolore everywhere. these decorations had a bit of a satiric feel, yes.

it was nice though. colmar is pretty even without cake and the isenheimer altar. a general recommendation though: don't bother visiting in january or february, and never on a tuesday. and if you're german, visiting on february 2nd is probably not a cool idea either.
but today was nice, yes. but tiring.

i'm tired, terribly tired. is this a running theme lately? i guess so. apart from that´, i'm happy that lauren is leaving tomorrow, as nice as it's been to see her again. right now, i don't seem to be in the headspace for visitors: it's been stressing me out a little to be so limited in my space and actions. - i don't know how my ocd-self is dealing with all that stuff lying around my flat anyway... oh, well.
after this actionpacked day, i think we'll just settle in front of the telly watching nip/tuck and six feet under while i simultaneously rip more mp3s from my cds (so that i can hide them in the cellar for more shelf-space) and try to answer my email so that i can send that tomorrow. oh, how am i looking forward to the age of free(!) w-lan at my flat. it might start as soon as this week. it will be like the discovery of a new world: i've been off-line at home for months now...

puh, i'm tired. the tiredness is literally creeping up from my hiking books wearing feet up my thermal-clad legs into the rest of my body as i sit here in the laundromat/internet cafe, typing this. and i got those i-spent-all-day-outside-in-the-cold-red-kiddie-cheeks again. funny.

anyway. this much for now: for those who have gotten in touch since yesterady: thanks! i'll be in touch tomorrow. unless i sleep all day, once lauren has left...