Saturday, January 22, 2005

good morning, brain, are you online yet?

i'm in a superior mood today.
despite being superduper tired. despite not being sure whether my brain is functioning well.

i have adapted today's plans to it: no stressing today, no working out, just casually running errands, playing with the computer (oh, how do i love thee, my itunes? let me count the 2500 ways ...), later doing some yoga and cooking a nice meal.

the week was awfully stressful and tiring, and i've had trouble getting enough sleep.
i wonder who's to blame, whether it's just been the stress or the shitty eating (or lack thereof, rather), or the moon or... i don't know. i've had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, usually falling asleep with the telly, waking up in time for larry king live at 3am. not nice at all.

for last nights lack of sleep, however, i can totally blame myself. after a busy day (without proper meals) and 2 hours of working out (step and boxing, and good lord was i out of it after the latter), i went off to see thomas (the swiss guy i met at the something for kate concert last year) and his band sepia and a few other bands playing a free concert.
andrea came along and spared me a drink (we recently had some trouble that needed to be resolved the booze way) which resulted in me being wasted, instantly.

but fun was had, really.

sepia were wonderful, absolutely wonderful.
you know how sometimes when friends play in bands, you have a hard time saying something good about their music after a concert?

this was not the case, like totally not the case, with sepia.
they were absolutely wonderful and surprising and fantastic, playing what all my friends would call "caro-music": heavy guitars and good melodies with great singing. the songs all seemed well thought through and worked out; they were full and round, if that makes sense, and while you could hear what kind of school they'd gone to -the paul dempsey & thom yorke school of music- the songs were all very much their own.

i'm very glad i went to see them play despite the tiredness and wastedness and the loneliness.

andrea went home after sepia had played their first song because she had to be in school this morning, and being boozed up and alone in a crowd full of young'uns (i don't think most of the crowd had crossed that border between the teens and the twenties yet), i might have suffered a sudden bout of the good old quater life crisis, had it not been for the wonderful music.
all i could do was smile, really, at thomas's great performance and guitar-action and singing. it was that fabulous, really.

(do i sound like a groupie here? tsk.)

as nice as that live music was, i went home after their set, at half past eleven. i was so boozed up and alert and hungry that i stayed up ripping mp3s, writing on a big thing i've been trying to write about for years and eating some leftover potato soup i'd cooked the day before. at 1am. till 3am.
i shouldn't be surprised that i look like shit today. after all, i woke up at 7am, the usual time my body decides to switch itself into "awake" mode.

so yeah. today has passed me by, just a little. that's alright though. i'm officially declaring this a rest day. you know, like in the tour. real action not until tomorrow. :)

later today, my friend lauren from sydney will arrive. we met through the student exchange years ago and haven't seen each other in 5 years. she's currently teaching english in poland, and it's wonderful that she's coming to visit. she'll stay till wednesday, i think, and till then we'll do some sight-seeing, i guess, and catching up and hanging around. while i really should be studying this week, the distraction will be good. - i miss my aussie friends. i really need to start looking after these friendships again.

i just noticed that all this is lame chit-chat: blame the braindead-ness.

need to recover. will start now. more afterwards.