Tuesday, January 18, 2005


i need a good fat dose of fearlessness today.

why i'm in such a funk again, i don't really know. it's that cyclic-once-every-three-mont-freakout-about-the-future-thing again.
i blame the stress and the worry and the sleeplessness. hell, the sleeplessness. i'm underslept as in my worst days, my migraine has returned, and so has the tinnitus. oh, tinnitus, how have i not missed you at all.

it is my work, my success, my study.
not anyone else's, and i should not care what someone else thinks about it.
so why is those other people's opinion of me bothering me to the point of worrying about it at times when i could rest and sleep and recharge for the stress ahead?

it sucks, muchly.

i need to wear my live strong wristband more often.