Friday, December 24, 2004

have yourself a merry little christmas...

how merry mine will be, i don't know.
i don't have particularly high hopes.

after a week of 13 hour work days selling books, i had another ├╝ber-busy working day till 1pm. now that even the laziest bloke of this city has his last presents, my mom, brother and me will head out to the place in the middle of nowhere where my dad is in cardiac rehab. i'll stay there till boxing day.
my dad was in an extremely foul mood this morning. truth be told, i don't expect much from this christmas.

there had been a chance it would be better than ever. quiet. with family time, away from home. now i fear emotional meltdown of my parents.

it will pass. it's just christmas. i'll do my best to stay calm and relaxed, without feeling the urge to fix any problems that might arise.

i will see.
i owe too many people too many emails and christmas wishes, so please feel well-wished and christmas/channukah/winter solstice/whatever else you celebrate-hugged.

"have yourself a merry little christmas.
let your heart be light,
from now on our troubles
will be out of sight.

have yourself a merry little christmas,
make the yule-tide gay,
from now on our troubles
will be miles away.

here we are as in olden days,
happy golden days of yore,
faithful friends who are dear to us
gather near to us once more.

through the years
we all will be together
if the fates allow,
hang a shining star
on the highest bough,
and have yourself
a merry little christmas now."