Saturday, November 06, 2004

insanity ain't no excuse.

no excuse for liking wagner and building over-the-top kitschy castles, i think.

tomorrow, i'll see another castle built by the much beloved but oh-so-not-exactly-sane king ludwig II of bavaria.



it'll be the my third ludwig castle. i've been to herrenchiemsee and schloss linderhof before. i expect neuschwanstein to surpass these two in a multititude of ways. kitschiness. displays of insaneness. displays of that louis XIV fetish. it'll be grande.
till, magda, vanessa and i have planned our trip to yet another ip seminar on frauenchiemsee to include a trip to neuschwanstein on the way to, a trip to a timberland outlet store on the way from. efficient law folks, that's us.

i expect things to be a little different from the seminar in june this time.
of course there will be lots of work, doubtlessly. of course there will be beers and good food in the evenings, again, and good company to boot. i will attend early morning laudes with the nuns again. the island will be as lovely as it always is.

however, there won't be any sitting outside at night, watching the stars or any skinny dipping this time, as the forecast predicts snow. there will be much fewer tourists. there will be no christopher, the only cool law person i have ever met. and there will be jan, the most annoying of all law students currently enrolled in our school, and he will bring his own beamer and his mac (the one that i am so jealous about) for his powerpoint presentations, even though we've all agreed to keep things very simple and not use powerpoint. christopher would have been the perfect anti-venom to him. bummer.
in any way, it will be good to be on that island again, in that convent again, emerging myself in ip, staying away from tvs and the net and concentrating on one thing for a while. i'll enjoy myself, no doubt.

my case presentation is actually prepared (that's a first. before, i never got around doing it until i was actually on the island) and i feel good about it and i'm almost relaxed. all i have left to do today is finish packing my bags, exhaust myself at the gym again (boxing last night rocked. very much so.) and enjoy the evening with dirk. that's all very do-able, i think.

am leaving at 7am tomorrow. even that should be do-able, if i remind myself that i'll get to see ludwig's worst and kitschiest monstrosity as a reward.
and yes, there will be pictures. plenty of em, actually, as dirk borrowed me his good olf reflex camera. yay.

i'm off to bavaria.