Tuesday, November 02, 2004


it's not even my election, yet i am freaked out. like, totally.

i've got all these good kerry feelings right now: this is his race to loose, i firmly believe that. yet i don't have a say, and rightly so, it's not my country, not my election, after all.
yet this feels global. the outcome will affect me, and the world i live in. there's so much at stake here. i worry. about so much. not at all about the 3 course dinner i'd have to cook for chris if bush won. because he won't win this time. he never won last time, so?

i worried 4 years ago, and things got worse than i ever could have imagined back then. things need to change now.

so this time i won't be sitting alone at home: there's a huge all-night election party organised by the german american association tonight. there'll be food, drinks, tvs, discussion rounds, stand up comedy.
alex is coming up from basel so we can be happy or cry into our beer glasses together. if there should be a result. to be honest, i'm not really expecting one. at least not for a few weeks.
america, how can you go on exporting democracy, when i's not working properly at home? i wonder, i really do.

so i'm on the edge, this e-day. i'll need drinks tonight. and lots of them.

go vote, america. yes? thank you.