Thursday, October 14, 2004

the wedding that never happened.

i got this strange email on sunday.

strange email.

i had signed up for weddingchannel one bored night in very early 2002 i think, looking at dresses online with kitto. i remember trying to un-sign myself from weddingchannel a few months back, for all the nasty spam they send, and somehow it didn't work.

on sign-up you had to provide the names of the parties and a wedding date, i think, and the one i provided was october 10th, 2004. it seemed do-able back then. reasonably far away, but not too far away. there had been talk about proposals. quite a bit, actually. i thought i would move to australia at the end of 2002. it might have worked out.

but it hasn't.

and even though i know that was alright, even though i know sunday never meant anything, even though this was just some online flib, this awful looking email still left me sad in a strange and lonely way.