Wednesday, October 20, 2004


· heather corinna: why you should vote! (or: "why i am finally telling you how to wax your bush")

· i'm still sad about the sudden, untimely passing of christopher reeve. i read his book a few years back, and admired him for his strength. i wish his dream of walking again would have been fulfilled. but then, he's probably walking again, right now.
on the last conscious day of his life, christopher reeve left a long phone message of support for john kerry. just one more reason.
"he's Superman. he went from looking like a greek god to becoming buddha: quiet, contained, but so powerful." "robin williams said about his friend.
very true.

· visualize a kerry victory.
kitschy? yes. but cool, nonetheless. (via dailykos) i still worry though, that come october 30th, they will present osama bin laden.

· manni, a friend of dirk's, used to be a serious intravenous drug user in the 80's. he was on smack for 8 years. he's been clean for more than 14 years now.
we had pizza together on friday, and i told him what the myo chris has been inflicting on me had been doing to me.
"sounds just like smack", he replied.

· i bough benjamin biolay's new cd yesterday. it's a collab with his wife(?) chiara mastrioanni, called home. and fucking awesome.
how could you not like a pretty french man crooning
"she's a lady/she goes everywhere/she's my baby/and she might be there/when I'm not with her/everything is blur/when she comes/she turns me on/she's a lady/she's a slave to love/she's my baby/and I swear she loves/goin' down plus she's cookin' fine/berries basil rosemary and thyme". see?!
i read somewhere that when he's touring without her, he feels lost, smokes pots and watches porn. poor man. but if he writes these lovely songs afterwards, at least some good comes out of it.

· i might not be the first to say that, but: jon stewart rocks. honesty is powerful.

· i was late for my 8:15am admin law class this morning. after all, i have gyrokinesis from 7:15am till 8:15am every wednesday. just before entering the auditorium (300 students), i prepped myself for sneaking in as quietly as possible.
till, who i had told about quite likely being late, had kept a spot for me, about 5m away from the door, at the very end of a row. perfect.
"you're my hero, till!" i whispered, as i sat down.
"no, not a hero. i'm an offizier."
i bit into my hand to control my laughs. it feels so good to not sit alone in class.
and we'll be going off to frauenchiemsse again for an ip seminar in three weeks. yay. no skinny dipping with christopher this time of the year though, i fear.

· stu has a cool blog collab in the works. it's all secret and cool. i'm in. curious?

· things i like today: rain. the fluid movements during gyrokinesis. stationary shopping. long emails from interesting people.

· things i don't like today: being hungry. being in a hurry. not having time to reply to long emails from interesting people. feeling disconnected from my feelings, yet again.