Friday, October 08, 2004

indecent proposal.

thanks, but no thanks.

i'm actually not interested in becoming your on-the-side affair, you i-wanna-be-poly-but-my-girfriend-would-never-understand-so-i-pretend-that-i-like-monogamy-but-have-affairs-on-the-side-"man".
no, i'm very much not interested.

yes, you do give excellent massages. yes, conversations with you are smart and enjoyable and it was fun to share those two bottles of red with you yesterday. yes, you are otherwise nice, but no, i really do not want to have an affair with you.

because in contrast to you, i actually prefer living the type of relationship that i want, that i think is right for me.
i had hoped that you and i, we could hang out and maybe turn into friends at some point. i could do with a male friend, a bloke buddy, whatever. too bad it doesn't look as if you'd be happy with that position though.

"bummer!", i thought, when your little proposal got obvious.

i bet you thought the same when i turned it down.

for both of us, eh?