Saturday, October 09, 2004

hmmm. weekend. tasty!

oh, how i have recovered well from the funs of friday night.

i don't get proposed to become the other woman every day, after all.
and it had been so efficiently planned by him, too! he waited until halfway down nederburg cabernet sauvignon shiraz bottle #2. he waited till it was past midnight. he did it as he was giving me a supposedly platonic fully clothed backrub that he had offered.

oh, what a well organised person you are, man.
seriously: well done, you could have almost succeeded.
you know, if it wasn't for the whole bunch of reasons speaking against your little offer.
but then: it hasn't exactly hurt my self-esteem, no. ha. so thanks for that, actually.

andrea came upstairs last night, for homemade vegan pumpkin soup, a bottle of zinfandel and girltalk, the sort of women-talk-about-men-thing that i never ever do, because i don't think it's very productive, and because i haven't really had anyone around in recent months to do that with anyway.
we dissected the men in our lives, and we came to the joint realisation that life without them would be much more boring, much less fun. spice up our lives, men!

so yes. all is well.
this weekend will be kinda ordinary: i've had enough units of booze to last me at least two weeks. will be working out and working on my paper, going to a vernissage & party at the laundromat tonight, and enjoy the awful weather that makes staying inside so enjoyable. it's so much easier to do property when the weather is bad.

and i'll keep laughing about commentary and
fun stuff
about last night's debate.

and i'm happy for eric and kris because little odin is finally home, on his 96 day on this planet.

life is sweet, yes.