Friday, October 29, 2004

fuck perspective.

what a fucked up friday this is. and it's not even mid-day.

first i discovered someone stole my beloved dracaena, olga, from the hallway last night. she had been waiting there to move to dirk's new flat. this significantly hampered my mood.

about an hour ago, i call my mother's shop to whine to her about my day, just to hear that she's in the hospital, attending to my father.
after frantic calls, i manage to reach her, and find out my dad was admitted about an hour ago for heart problems. apparently, he's had shoulder and chest pain this morning, which stemmed from his heart. his ecg is irregular, what's the cause, the docs can't say yet.

i'm pretty much freaked out right now.
my brother is flying in from london tomorrow, because there were no flights left today. i might have to head up north today, too. how that's supposed to work with my responsibilites down here, i have no clue. i'll find a way though.

of course my dracaena having been stolen now doesn't really matter anymore.
how i dislike things being put into perspective sometimes.

fuck perspective.