Tuesday, August 31, 2004

showerless days.

the weather looks good. last week, there was snow above 2000m, there was rain. there were sub-zero temperature. but now it finally looks good: summer has returned to the alps. or something.
they expect lots of sunshine in the allgäu alps till sunday: dirk and i will finally get going tomorrow.

and i can't wait. this trip is direly needed.

it's been so hectic around here. so many things broke: my bike, my phone, my mobile. i just want out right now. once i hop off the bus in baad, austria, and begin my hike up to widdersteinhütte, it will all be fine. i'll have this view this time tomorrow. fucking great, yes.
after climbing up the widderstein, we'll hike over to mindelheimer hütte. from there we'll take the krumbacher höhenweg to fidererpass hütte. and on saturday, we'll hike from there to söllereckbahn and oberstdorf.

i can't wait to get going.
my gear is all over my appartment floor right now. few clothes, my hiking gear, mountains of energy bars. four days without a shower, sleeping in huge dorms and hiking are exactly what i need right now.
i need to unwind. i need to surround myself in nature. i need to be able to look up into the night sky without lights disturbing the impression. i want to challenge myself physically.
it will be lovely. i'll be enjoying myself. very very much.