Thursday, July 08, 2004


how non-subtle is it, that zdf uses a song by sheryl crow for their tour de france coverage?

i'll take it as an indication that they too believe, just like me, despite all german patriotism, that lance will wear the yo-yo in paris in two weeks and two days.

it's been a strange few days: they are busy and stressful and full of thought and exercise and watching the tour in between. just discovered the tdf 2003 blog today by the way. hmmm.
i've got my cartel exam tomorrow afternoon, which i will write in the lunch break of the licensing agreement/contracts in ip workshop i will participate in friday and saturday. should be both interesting and fun: i like licensing agreements, r&d agreements and confidentiality agreements and everything ip contract really. blessed be my first melbourne law firm.

on the upside, i've been socialising a bit, too. my motivation is a bit odd, i admit, but with dirk's impending departure to go to school at the other end of the country, it's time to work on my social net and not spend the evenings in cuddly coupledom in front of the telly. - i've been meaning to improve my social net for years, and now is a good time to start, really.
i met two of the girls from the seminar for coffee, and that was good. nadia is an awful lot like me, and that's funky: we both find it hard to study, both have been in ldrs, both like the tour, both talk more than regular people. i'm hopeful. it's a little bit like falling in love, this wanting to have a friendship thing.
last night, i took a break from the sitting at home and studying and went out for dinner with my physio, chris. he smsed me in the afternoon, something i had kinda expected ever since i left my mobile number on the office answering machine to set up some appointments on tuesday. very funny, and oh-so-unprofessional! he. so we went on a non-date last night - both of us being partnered and all.
it was an evening of really good conversation (from the tour to veganism to physio to yoga to law to physio to love), and i realised how much i long for a bloke to hang out with and talk. i like male perspective on things from males that are not my partner, and i'ev always had good male blokes until recently. there's this potential here, i think: bloke-buddy-potential. and that's a lot.
i got to see his flat, too, which was spacious and excitingly tidy and lovely and gave me a bad case of instantflatenvyâ„¢. he lives in one of the 1900s mansions in a cool part of the city, freshly renovated, wooden floors, a pretty bathroom with a round glass shower and a giant balcony facing south. duh. sitting out there last night, drinking red wine was a good distraction to everything that's been upsetting me these past days.

so yeah. no we've got rainstorms and hail and thunder and lightning. perfect weather for a few more hours of cramming cartel law into my brain.

off i go.

i support fleshbots stand on the war on pornography. googlebomb galore!