Wednesday, July 21, 2004

motor ace flashbacks.

"took all week for the feeling to come
dry your eyes we're staring at the sun
want to calli've got nothing to say
want it all
got a line and the nerve to stay
you're keeping secrets, there's only one i need to find

shaking myself from the hum of the morning
saving it all for the rest of the night
losing myself to the drug of the city lights

you're keeping secrets, there's only one i need to find

said it all now there's no mystery
talked so much i forced myself to breathe
underhand but it all went to plan
sold my soul to an understanding man

stayed up all night for the kids
it's getting better

you're keeping secrets, there's only one i need to find"
"keeping secrets" ~motor ace~

i've got motor ace induced flashbacks.

i met up with thomas last week; he is one of the swiss blokes i met at the something for kate concert last month.
chatting at the concert, we realised that not only do we both live in freiburg, but we also share that little obsession with australian indie music. so we've started swapping cds for some cd burnage that is, of course, covered by ยง53 urhg. *cough*
thomas borrowed 7 gems from my cd collection, a collection he took the appropriate time to praise, by the way (way to my heart? tell me that i've got good musical taste "for a girl", and in return i got to borrow motor ace.

motor ace ain't good music, you know.
it's mainstream radio guitar pseudo indie pop rock: it's not overly original. but it's fun.

i can't remember when "keeping secrets" was in the charts. - it was during one of my visits in 2002, the song was on the radio lots and i liked it, in all its blantness and sing-a-long-compatibility. in fact i sang along all the time.
i always sing along anyway, to almost any music. i sing badly, too.
some of the happiest memories i have of being with evan involve singing u2. the two of us in my room in rothenburg ob der tauber, working on our costumes for a dress-up party that night, singing the songs from "achtung baby", with no cd top back us up, making up all the instruments, too, and having the songs in correct oder as well. driving in the mg to geelong, top down, u2's "best of" (or anything by them, really) on the mp3 player, both of us singing along at the top of our lungs.

it was on the day that i flew home, i think, that evan and i were at jb hifi in east keilor, and i longingly stood in front of motor ace's "shoot this" cd.

alas, i wasn't allowed to buy it: evan hated it.

he carefully guarded my muscial consumption, and he did so well, introducing me to many of my favourite bands. i am thankful for that.had it not been for him, i quite likely would get fewer compliments for my cd collection these days.

evan disliked motor ace a lot.
he would sing along to it in the most ridiculous way when i was singing along to it on the radio.
he would over-emphasize the singer's strange little brit pop inspired aussie accent when singing along, sounding over the top and hilarious. "yoo'rre keaeaping seacrets theare's only one i neeed to faaaaaaaaaiind".

so i didn't buy motor ace then. and didn't on my next trip. one time, when i was back here in germany i longed for it so much that i sat at my computer and kept listening to a 30 second bit of "keeping secrets" at amazon or some other website.but i still didn't buy it, didn't download it illegally from somewhere knowing evan hated it. i wasn't supposed to like this music, you know?

but now i have the cd in my hands.
the first song i turned on thursday afternoon, just as thomas had left, was -of course- "keeping secrets". i turned the volume up, and sang along.
it's been fun, and cool, and everything, to finally have this music, as lousy as it is. there's one downside to it though: i keep hearing evan's weird little rendition of the chorus in my head when listening to the song.

motor ace flashbacks.