Sunday, June 13, 2004

wake up and smell...the cheese.

i just recently transitioned to being vegan, for a plethora of reasons: ethics, health, taste.
a strange side effect has propped up these past weeks: my sense of smell has improved significantly. so much actually, that i can not stand cheese in the vincity of 5 metres. similar reaction to meat.

it's not hating cheese, or wanting to be disgusted by it: i never cared much about cheese in the first place. now, however, its smell is literally making me sick. i can't even wash the plate dirk prepared his cheese roll on, and can smell that he touched cheese with his hands even as he washes them.
other smells offend me in a similar way: smoking and pot have been really revolting lately, as well. cheese, however, or rancid dairy of any kind (yoghurt, butter, whatever) is worst.

any vegan reading this who can attest that i am not alone? have been googling variants of vegan/smell/sense of smell/cheese to little avail.