Thursday, June 24, 2004

thursdays i love law. part II

oh yes, thursdays, i love law.

this afternoon's ip session had a slow start, but the last 30 minutes were a-w-e-s-o-m-e.
we discussed copyright issues of deep-linking.
and boy, is it fun to discuss internet matter with people who have no idea whatsoever how the internet/a browser/html/rss/anything works. it was lovely. i could not avoid explaining a classmate the finer details of linking. i got a bit snarky, maybe, but it was fun. a lot of fun. the opinions he expressed would have ultimately put an end to the internet per se. while i don't regard and the internet as lawless territory (or that notion as desirable), in my opinion, online, the law should serve the medium, and as this is a new medium still very much in development, the law needs to adapt. thankfully, the bgh (highest german civil court) in the case argued carefully that deep-linking is not infringing copyright, looking at all possible issues with great care.

i hope this class continues this way. yum. just realised that i should ask prof.dreier whether there are other remedies in cases of deep-linking that results in stealing bandwidth. need to think this through. hmmm. interesting.

today's class made me wonder though: why do people do ip if they don't have the brains for the technical aspects of it?