Tuesday, June 15, 2004

take a photograph.

"..to remind you. of the things you know you will one day forget."

i'll never be a rock photographer.
at least not without a new camera and a few years of traning.

the something for kate pics are dark, reddish, blurred. at least they are up close: when you re-size them to tiny, they are actually kinda good and the light effects look kinda funky, too.
as unbelievable as it sounds, my good old camera finally died just as the pictures of paul dempsey and me were taken by the stalkerish luxemburg sfk fan. unbelievable. ever heard that strange saying about beautiful people making lenses split? odd.
i still have hopes that thomas (one of the swiss) has some better pictures, including one of clint and me. or so i hope. i should find out this week. for now, i'll look at a blurried paul dempsey. still good looking, that man.
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