Wednesday, June 02, 2004


for the first time in a week, i'm alone for several hours at a time.

this past week has been hectic with being sick, boring market research work combined with a trip to the parents and visitors, dirk's uncle and cousin, for the past three days. they left with dirk around noon, heading for basel, to see the soccer tonight.

so i am alone. and instead of using this much missed lonetime to the max, studying (despite the holidays), cleaning the flat or grocery shopping, i've been sleeping, wasting time online, finishing jörg böckems captivating junkie/journalist autobiography, watching the telly, pruning the garden and scaring the evil aphids away, that have invaded the sweet peas and the daisies. yay for rape oil.

maybe that's just what i needed, after all: catching up on lonetime, wasting time, all by myself. will pamper myself a bit tonight in the bathroom with lovely lush things. - and even after that, i'll still have the entire evening for doing actually productive things. like washing this mornings massive amounts of dishes.


i'm loving it, my lonetime. i still hope dirk will manage to catch the last train out of basel though, so i get to sleep next to him tonight. don't need *that* much lonetime, after all.