Friday, June 25, 2004

legal issues.

more and more issues regarding the law seminar weekend ahead are being resolved, and that's quite a relief. i hate last minute planning. got my ride. got my place to stay in munich for tomorrow night. got the laundry happening, will pack later today.
just haven't prepared my case yet, or managed much of the 150 or so pages i should still work through in advance.

it should all be fine on time. as fine as 3 days in a convent on a tiny bavarian island in the company of law people working 10 hours a day on competition and cartel law can be. i was scared about being bored and lonely last time, and it all turned out fine: got no reason to believe it should be different this time.
will be good to socialise with law folks, don't do that enough. will be good to work through my social anxiety, too. because of course the person i least wanted to carpool with because she makes me feel inferior, the one who started law school with me and did it all perfectly, now doing her phd, is giving me the ride. i'll be learning a few lessons this weekend, and they won't be about cartels or competition at all.

it'll be intense, i know that already. but i love the place: the island is great, the weather is supposed to be good (am even taking along a bikini), the convent has a calm atmosphere and i will definitely take part in a morning mass again. i might even take along my yoga mat to practise outside before breakfast.

it'll be a mini holiday with a maximum of work. all i need to do is to make sure i don't get as stressed out and sleep-deprived as last time, when i got myself hearing loss as a result.

so yeah: this is it, till wednesday. i'm off to work.