Wednesday, June 16, 2004

bad timing.

i dislike disagreements, silence, sleeping alone, feeling punished and feeling manipulated.
i not only dislike, but absolutely hate it when all this happens simultaneously, for no reason at all. and when the next day, it seems as if i imagined or made up all of this in the first place.

a night like last night makes for a seriously awful start into a day like today, a day that is way too grey, rainy and cold for a day in june anyway.

and yeah, there's a shitload of stuff on my plate that has to be done today, and i don't feel like dealing with anyone or anything. bad timing, me.
with great timing, however, the tension headache has made a return, and there's no physio appointment till next week.

time to down some aspirin with pepsi light, eat something and get my act together.
today, too, shall pass.