Wednesday, May 19, 2004

hiatus, my ass.

enough of this hiatus.
here i go again, with a sparkly new blogger given layout, no less. hmm, that new blogger design and those templates are yummy. so shiny and new.

nothing quite like getting back into that old blogging groove when you wake up with a sore throat and head cold on an 28°C may day, a day that should be spent studying the finer details of property for that killer recap class with that world renowned property prof (who quite likely is the one man who actually understands each and every nook and cranny of german property law) and monopolies law for that equally killer recap/exam prep class with the man who is doubtlessly germany's top cartel/ip judge. oh yeah.

sounds like the most perfect day for getting back to blogging after a 9 month absense. 9 months! geez. i could have given birth in that time. alas, i didn't. where did those 9 months go? what did i do? strange not to have anything written from those months, they were good, and full, and full of change, too.

quality posts, soonish.
now: more tinkering with more blogs i own; more aspirine and the first real food of the day.

so weird/good to write here again. is it time for this again? i'll see.