Thursday, May 20, 2004

bored of the beckhams™

i stopped wearing shirts with captions a few years ago, after realising that my "sex bomb" t-shirt was just a little too attention-grabbing, to be exact. i remember a particular incident at "marias" with mic, back when we were kinda hooking up but not quite hooking up, when his eyes were transfixed on the sparkly letters on my chest the entire night, actually telling me that he, too, thought i was a sex bomb. he. i'm not one for abundant statements.

i gladly make an exception from the "no-caption rule" for my new "bored of the beckhams™" t-shirt though. not that this isn't an abundant statement, but it's an accurate description on this almost brazillian-style-yellow-press-yellow-shirt.

the brother, still residing in london, send it over the channel, after we had talked about the beckhams during one of our email conversations.
how could one not love to wear this shirt after the recent scandals being all over the tabloids, the boulevard tv shows and back? i am sooo bored by the hooopla around them, the haircuts, the nail polishes, the matching clothes, the affairs, the mis-spelled tattoos. enough of this car-crash watching. - it's getting boring.

added plus: the yellow is uplifting. i'll definitely wear it out to watching the euro 2004 games in biergartens all over freiburg this summer. yay to that. and yay to hello for this picture posting thing. highly cool.  Posted by Hello