Monday, August 04, 2003

i got the 600€ for 6 days work marketing job from uni. yay.

after the initial interview the week before last, i was told i got it. mid last week came an email informing me that no, i couldn't join, they were only taking marketing students. early this morning, however, came a call from sylvie, the organsier, and a final ok. i just got back from the first planning session.

it's going to be funky: it will involve interviewing customers to identigfy the value of a brand, a bit of travelling and work at 3 shops near stuttgart, and three overnight stays at hotels that i can pick. started planning already. oh, schwaben.

it's going to be a cultural experience. he. :)

(and all is fine and dandy with dirk. it really is. few things a mid-day talking-kissing-undressing can't make better.)