Friday, July 18, 2003

there's been little to say and little desire to come up with sparkly written stuff: life is simple, love-filled, bloody damn good, and time passes, quickly, too quickly, to sit down for writing.

there's been much loving this week, the summer, the heat, the tour for entertainment, an excellent therapy session on wednesday, and lots of yoga, too.

the weekend shall be good, too: jens will be arriving in just about 2 hours, and i'm excited about meeting him for the first time tomorrow, for brekkie: the boys shall have a night to catch up before i come into the equation. the downtown street party is on outside my door, and for the first time in years, i am not annoyed, but excited about live music and people and fun right downstairs. it sure is loud till late (there was noise till 2am this morn), but the mornings are quiet, because the delivery trucks usually waking me up at ungodly hours can't get through. oh, heaven: sleeping in with dirk by my side, after a past midnight joint, and a 90 minute tour de france docu on arte.

so yeah, i am repeating myself: but i love life, this july.