Saturday, July 12, 2003

i'm in housewifey clean-up overload. and i love it.

it's going to be a lovely day. - not just because my place will be super tidy and shiny and new at the end of it, the first mountain stage of the tour is happening all day to keep me company and entertain me, as i dust my book shelves and wash my windows. yeah.
i threw tons of stuff and random papers away yesterday, chatting to tina while deciding what to keep and what to chuck, and it's amazing how much better i feel the more i throw away, the leaner, cleaner and tidier my place gets.

it's good to have some time for myself this weekend, and so much of it, too, even though i am not doing anything really exciting with it. i need it, this down time, this taking stock and being homey and watching the tour, hoping that lance will be in yo-yo at the end of the weekend (if not today).

oh, life. in july. lovely.