Saturday, July 26, 2003

i am going up north to see the parents tomorrow.
am not exactly happy about the whole thing, really, but my grandma has been in hospital since thursday. she's scheduled for an op on monday, to remove dead tissue on her foot. at 93, full fledge anesthesia is a risky business, and considering i wasn't there for her birthday two weeks ago, an emergency trip is in order. i really hate the "i am visiting because you might die in this" stuff, but that's it, really, in a way, and i am not thrilled.
apart from the bad rason to go up north, the train trip ain't gonna be fun, either: i've got cystitis (if this is a light one, as my doc told me, i'd never wish a severe on upon anyone, ever), and that train ride should be fun. am catching an ice train, just because they've got the nicer loos, and my tip will only be about 4 hours. and i'll arrrive on time to see the tour arrive in paris, too.

it's almost all organised, only need to pack now and clean a little, which i will do while watching today's time trial, the most exiting day in tour history since the legendary last stage battle between lemont and fignon in 1989. dirk will come over, too, for his first full afternoon of tour coverage. later, (after lance has enlarged the time gap between him an ullrich, i hope), i'll only have to find a home for my plants. i hope andrea can look after them, talk to them, water them.

it's still all chit chat, what i am writing. too much happening in my head, too much stuff on my mind, and i feel too sick anyway.
off to watch the tour, which will be nail-bitingly exciting. may it lighten up my life.