Wednesday, July 02, 2003

how come, by the way, that once goodstuff starts happening in your life, you attract more goodstuff? like good people, for example?

i am so happy about all those fantastic, interesting people who have recently popped up in my life, and about what has been happening through and with them. there's dirk, of course, and all his friends that i am just getting to know. there's jens calls within hours of me thinking about talking to him, as does tina. i had a lovely evening with my new downstairs neighbour andrea. unexpected snail mail from gabriel, who i met on the plane to montreal, arrived today, and when i pick it up at the post office (oversized envelope and all), i run into mic, whom i haven't seen in 18 months or so, but whom i thought about just last week. - we're meeting up tomorrow.

wow. lucky me.