Friday, July 11, 2003

friday five!

1. do you remember your first best friend? Who was it?
my first best friend was anna, the daughter of one of my mom's friends. they lived just around the corner. anna is a year younger than me, and we have pictures showing us together from her birth on.
we spend our childhoods together, cycled around our village, later hung out at starlight express as young teens, travelled to the uk various times, spend a summer in spain.

2. are you still in touch with this person?
no. anna and i, we lost touch in the years after i moved down here. we last met in 1999, when she visited, and we noticed that we had hardly anything in common anymore.
it had been approaching for years, that break-up of sorts, because during the second half of our teenage years, it became obvious that our interests were very different, after all.

3. do you have a current close friend?
yes. my dearest tina, in faraway graz. i haven't seen her in a year, because i was always out of the country when she was in town, and just haven't manaed to travel to her end of europe yet. but i'll hopefully, hopefully see her next month! yay! finally!
and well, there is dirk, but that's different. :)

4. how did you become friends with this person?
i met tina in the first year here in town. we were neighbours, living on the same floor: she lived alone, i shared a flat with the flatmate from hell. over the months, she spend more and more time at my place, hanging out almost every night, eating pasta and rice pudding, watching the telly and talking about our days. oh, the old days.

5. is there a friend from your past that you wish you were still in contact with? why?
yes. many friends, actually. when i got depressed, three years ago, i cut off ties to many good friends from the past (many of them from the exchange), for no real reason at all. i miss timm, for example. and chris. and so many others. one of these days, i should kick myself in the butt, and get back in touch. - because all those i am back in touch with again (like mic, and local tina), were lovely and cool about having me back in their lives.